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Cow Moo Cult!

The CMC Aristocracy and the CowCouncil are the two governing bodies of the CMC. The CowCouncil holds considerably more power and is made up of all Four Stomachs. It has ultimate control of everything and is super-duper cool. The Aristocracy is made up of both Four Stomachs and Chew Grasses and has less power. It is involved with watching cheese mature live and hunting game near rivers of solid gold.

There is also a CMC Lay Council, which is for everyone, from the simplest CMC commoner to the highest of the high. It is a public platform for discussion of the CMC's workings. At the Lay Council normal CMC members can suggest changes or ides for the CMC and generally hunt promotions. It can be found here.

The CMC Lay Council has been officially abolished under the May 2008 Decree for the Reformation. In its place now stands a glorious CMC Parliament, which is divided into three "courts: The Upper Court, The Lower Court and The Open Court. The Upper Court, which wields the most power, is for the Aristocracy and elected Courtiers only. The Lower Court is for all CMC members and has slightly less power, while the Open Court is for everyone and has no power, apart from maybe influencing CMC members.

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