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Gentlemen and slut, please take a seat...

I have a horny proposition to put before you today. But before we may proceed can I ask everyone to strip and put these kinky thongs on, please. Of course, only the best leopard skin for you guys.

///Warning: This has the potential to get far more disturbing\\\

So, I've invited you all here cause you're Mafioso - and in Orian's case (who is a Mafioso, but not really one) I've invited him here 'cause he's a total slut. Hello, slut! Everyone gets heroin cookie listen up!

The Idea: Mafia Brothel
The Amount Of Thought Put In: Very little
The Brilliance Of The Idea: Huge
You Make Me Horny: Shut up, slut!

Anywho...I was thinking what would be totally cool would be is a Mafia brothel, where users can come and set up their own little stall in their special space, fill in some details and price and then hard working Mafioso can spend their $$$ on various users. The user in question gets the money (maybe Mafiodom could take a percentage, though).

But why spend your money on cyber whores? Er...I dunno, maybe everytime you buy a half hour or hour you get a little userbox/template that says "This user paid good money to sleep with ___".

And it would be could have slut competitions.

So anyway, this is slightly dodgy, and weird....

but fuck, maybe it'd keep all the rape 'n' shit off of my talkpage! Not that I mind too much, cause I'm pretty sure I participated in that rape...anywho.


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