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      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for SHIT?
“Routinely gives me things not to care about”
~ Zombiebaron on Yettie
“Made of LOL and severe mental illness”
~ on Yettie
“Such a big procrastinator that he puts off sleep”
~ Meth on Yettie

Yettie Says e
  • Shameless advertising...but really quite good![20:49 21 October 2010]
  • A friend's blog, I'm supposed to advertise...It's not bad.[07:41 22 September 2010]
  • What in the name of Sophia happened to the front page? [15:32 2 September 2010]
  • It works out quite well that men have penises and women have vaginas... [23:48 20 August 2010]
  • VOTE VOTE VOT! [20:00 15 August 2010]
  • Sleeping on a giant mushroom... [23:55 14 August 2010]
  • FRIDAY 13TH!! ABANDON ALL HOPE YE! [19:32 13 August 2010]
  • To sum things up concisely: FUCK YOU. That is all. [14:49 11 August 2010]
  • JOIN THE MAFIA TODAY! [22:55 7 August 2010]
  • Good night y'all and fuck you all, too. [01:27 7 August 2010]
  • Genuinely upset by reading over old talkpage archives of certain users...ah I remember the good old days when we ruled supreme! [00:26 7 August 2010]
  • So the face of Uncyc user groups today? Nazis and a frat? I'm glad there's still a place for user groups in the heart of all Uncyclopedians. Hey maybe I should give it a go again? Mmm. Good old usergroups. [02:24 6 August 2010]
  • Can someone please ban the fuck out of me? Cheers. [19:25 5 August 2010]
  • I think I'm the Uncyclopedia equivalent of trailer trash. So maybe a nice new nickname would be Uncyc Trailer Trash? Acronymised to UTT. And just for fun you can slap a "B" on the front of that acronym and you have yourself a hilarious new nickname. [18:15 5 August 2010]
  • I hate it when fully grown adults aren't house broken. Really gets on my nerves. [11:35 5 August 2010]
  • Is something wrong with Uncyc? It's being really slow and doing all sortsa weird shit and logging me in and out and crap. The slut. [20:40 4 August 2010]
  • Okay, so I think I want to try and create an unofficial set of guides. As featured on the right, there. To be honest, I just couldn't think of a better use for that space. [17:55 4 August 2010]
  • Yays, it's like facebook on uncyclopedia. All merged into one beautiful little package. Not that sort of package. [17:49 4 August 2010]


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