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In The Court of the French King
Album by Andre The Giant
Release Date July 20, 1969
Recorded Jan - April 1969
Genre Prog Rock
Length 43:52
Record label French Bread Records
Producers Oscar Wilde
Professional reviews
Oscar Wilde review 5/5 - "Simply fabulous! This truly is the birth of Prog Rock!"
Greg Lake review 0/5 - "That bastard!"
Andre The Giant review 5/5 - "Don't mess with King Louis XVI!"
Andre The Giant Albums
Andre is bigger than a Zeppelin II
In The Court of the French King
Band of Frenchies
~ Greg Lake on In The Court of the French King
“No doubt the definitive Prog Rock album!”
~ Oscar Wilde on In The Court of the French King

In The Court of the French King is a 1969 Progressive/Psychedelic rock album by Andre The Giant. This album is very important in music history as it is widely considered to be the first progressive rock album, pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable as music. Andre's early psychedelic influences can also be heard, but is often overshadowed by the introduction of Prog Rock. The album is based on the exploits of French King Louis XVI and chronicles his entire life from conception until death.

The album begins with sexual groans and moans, with occasional words such as "Oh, Louis' father!" being uttered in between. This is believed to be representative of King Louis' conception. The album continues in the fashion of a musical representation of King Louis' life, most of which are not as blatant as the aforementioned.

The second track, "I Talk to the Country", is representative of Louis' famous speech upon being crowned king. The speech foreshadowed the coming of Napoleon, quote "A man shall be crowned king, many years from now, a short man, who shall be defeated at Waterloo, wherever that is." The fourth track, "Moonking" describes Louis' brief visit to the moon and his self-declaration as "King of the Moon". The climax of the album is the final (title) track, which describes King Louis' trial and eventual execution for possession of child pornography on his laptop.

The album faced much controversy upon release as it beared much similarity to 1969s Folk-Rock In The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson. The album even featured the cover of In The Court of the Crimson King blended with a portrait of King Louis XVI as its cover. These claims were eventually dismissed once listeners realised that this album heralded the then new, progressive rock.

edit Track Listing

  1. 18th Century Absolutist King (Andre The Giant) 7:24
  2. I Talk to the Country (Andre The Giant) 6:05
  3. Frepitaph (Andre The Giant) 8:47
  4. Moonking (Andre The Giant) 12:12
  5. In The Court of the French King (Andre The Giant) 9:22

edit Personnel

  • Andre The Giant- Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, triangle, alto-sax, trumpet. (All tracks)
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