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chav :Aiup mate hows u, i swore at this boy" (merry field): gotta pick up kids from the school

Scunthorpe also refered to as Scunny by the locals, is a uneuqe city and the capital city of north lincolnshire and is also the worlds best place to live. The city was built on a shithole and a landfill site to make it the wonderfull place it is today. Scunthorpe is an industrial site as well as a posh city. scunthorpe has more cunts than anyware els and has won an award for the least romatic place to live in the UK. The best place to live in scunthorpe would be Hull.

edit Shopping in Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe has many shops like spar post office and that chippy down the road would be classed a shop in scunny. shopping in the Foundry Shopping centre is like having a shit in the swimming pool that would make the pool look better and it would be a great family day out. Scunthrorpe thinks that Primark is the best shop in the world and the most expensive shop.

edit History

Scunthorpe was around since Jeasus was born where Mary met josph. It was then a big civiliastion and had a population of 9 and then grew due to the prettiest women alive lived there. The population in Scunthorpe grew to 17181728391 until the industrul revalution happened and the steel works came to the city and the population went down to 48 normal people,1000 chavs and 300000 homophobics. They went through a stage called the chavtastic times. In

edit Holidays in Scunthorpe

If you a plannig on going a broad to somewhere like Afganistan,why not go to frodingham road in scunthrope where all the nice restraunts are. stop in the premiere inn near Morrisons and then go swimming at the Pods leisure centre. they are aslo two theaters in scunthorpe: the baths hall and the smaller shiter place, the plawright theater. The North Lincolnshire museum is the biggest museum in the world and they charge you a million pounds to get in. This proves that Scunthorpe is a better tourist destination than Leeds and Grimsby.In modern times it is a spaztication town or city. (call in whatever)

edit Nightlife

Scunthorpe has won millons of awards for having the worlds best night life because it has three clubs and they are the best clubs in the world.No one knows this though and everyone should know that scunthorpe should be in the centre of attention at night and they should do the xfactor there as well.

edit Ethnicity

10% white British 100010% unromantic 94.6% polish 50% factury workers 90% wanna be chavs

edit Transport

88% of the population in scunthorpe would take the bus because they camt be arsed to drive because they are bigheaded and think they are better than that. The train link in shite because they is one rail line going through the city. It keeps braking down! people in scunthorpe normally travel in limozines because they are a bunch of rich bastards that dont care about the high poverty in the city of Oxford. Very few walk and the people that live in Ashby Westcliff area they run to get away from the sity areas of scunthorpe. spaceships are used a lot because if you go to Scunthorpe you will see that the way people are are they have the same humar as an alien from a diffrent planet.

edit Sports

Scunthorpe United the football team and is at the top of the premier leuge all the time. Glanford park has a capacity of 88000 people which is bigger than Old trafford inMadchester. An advarage sport in scunthorpe would be sitting on a skate ramp at the park and smoking weed and drug dealing or running away from a gang of chavs that want to beat you up.Scunthorpe has a good speedway next to the smelly pissing steelworks where the rally cars were apparantly made. It get 1 million people per year traveling from all over the world because the sdadium looks very enfuseastic. Heslam park in s rugby stadium where the professional ruby team scunthorpe greaynes play. the fans a fucking awful though and all they do is stab one another.

edit Economy

The advrage wage per person in scunthorpe for a male is only £18000 per year and for a woment only £180 per year because the area is still in the dark ages. The richest person in scunthorpe isBill Gates with 99% of scunny's money and he made scunthorpe the posh place it is today with Teenage pregnancy, updating their facebook profile pictures and getting like 1000 likes on their photos and think itis normal. 55% of the population are unemployed and think that staying at home and gazing at the steelworks wishing they were capable of working there.scunthorpe is half rich and half poor. They are 10000 counsil houses and 10000 big mansions with posh limos. Scunthorpe is a bit like Rio de jenero in Brazil because half slums and half extreamily rich with helecopters on to of their appartment.

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