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The one and only Gujingastar: a weapon forged by the hand of Xero Dagujin. It is his and his alone, save those who he deems worthy of its power.

edit The Beginning

Before the beginning, there was chaos. It was during this chaos that there was spawned a being to change this empty chaos to order and balance. This chaos angered him, so he assumed all of the dark powers surrounding his birth, and, for a time, became the being known as Xanmato. Xanmato then destroyed the nothingness to create a world known as randomness. He then created a people to inhabit this place, and with this people he created a government.

edit The World of Randomness

The man in charge of this government was none other than The Muffin Man himself. The muffin man was granted two armies, or mafias, as they were called. These mafias were known as the Pastafarian Mafia, led be none other than Al Capone, and The Little Green Mafia, known led by a mysterious man by the name of Robert. Xanmato saw this randomness, and it was random. Xanmato then saw a world he wished to enter, but his randomness and oddity was found too different for him to enter.

edit Becoming Xero

In order enter this new and exciting world, he had to relinquish his power and return to his original form of odd random uncoolness. This form was known as Xero Dagujin. This new world he wished to enter was none other than the glorious land of Uncyclopedia. In order for Xero to enter, he had to lift a ban levied on his people by the adimins. This ban was caused by the idiocy of his fellow people as they made changes to the set table of the elements that make up the universe.

edit Lifting the Ban

This Xero first entered the hell of the Uncyclopedia IRC under the guise of ShimGungDo, to whine and plead and be a little bastard to get the ban on his people lifted. The ban was lifted, and Xero dropped his disguise to enter this strange new world.

edit Contributions

Since then, Xero has aided in the creation of newer, partially funny things such as the deietides, a section on Athine, the life and final pwnage of Al Capone, and the Coca Cola Prayer. You can check out his latest rants here.


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