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“I wouldn't fuck that with a rented dick.”
~ Most people on xeMadoka
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xeMadoka is a world-renowned music critic, film critic, irritating bastard, philosopher, artist, musician, humanitarian, nature activist, and leading expert in self-diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases. Often cited as an example in pro-choice arguments, xeMadoka earns a living almost exclusively through filling out online surveys and selling all the free iPads and US citizenships that result. xeMadoka has been lurking the Grand Uncyclopedia since around 2009, but only recently made an account in order to be recognised by a name rather than a string of numbers that changes every so often. xeMadoka is a real stand-up guy. As in, standing up to leave! Ho, ho, ho! Where's the exit?

Tings wot I writ you feel me fam blap blap blap: BrokeNCYDE

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