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edit White guys with no swag

“Bitches call me North Korea 'cause I'm Kim Jong Hung.”
~ Some white guy

White guys with no swag (colloq. swagfags) is a term coined to refer to the culture and practises of a growing number of white, privileged middle-class males, acting on the words of black, privileged upper-middle-class males who make music that appeals mainly to black, underprivileged lower-class males. Essentially, bitch-ass Bieber boys wanna be black, and they do so by dressing and acting like the bastard love-child of Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne. This involves the wearing of snapbacks perched ludicrously far back on the delicately volumized swoop fringe, strangely coloured Chinos worn in a way that sheds light on the person's choice in undergarments, and a dialect merging upper-class white American idioms with rap culture idioms in a way that would turn even the blackest of black men into a confused wreck of tears and identity crisis.

edit Where did it start?

The short answer is: fuck knows.

The long answer is: who the fuck knows?

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