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The Ginger Task Force are a group on Gingers trying to better the ginger name, unlike this which is obviously not writen by gingers, but by a group of discriminating idiots people.

edit The Ginger Task Force

edit History

The Ginger Task Force (GTF) was set up by Gingerus Bunterus, the first recorded and only Ginger recorded in the Roman Empire, in 76 BC. He set up the GTF to find solice in people who share his rare appearance, that fact that he was the only recorded ginger in existence was unknown to him. The gospel of the GTF, or Gingerus Taskus Forsus as it was known back then, were recorded in the Book of Ginger (Textus Gingerus) so that the Gingers of the future would learn the path to Ginlightenment (see below). The book was then thought to have been lost in a fire, which also claimed the life of Gingerus Bunterus, but was later found in a cave (know one knows how it got to the cave, but it did so shut it) where it was then found by Classified, who was later nominated for the Prophet of the Year Award, but was narrowly defeated by Raptor Jesus, and brought back to civilisation. The book was then passed down through generation of the Church of Saint Gingerus' head priests.

edit Present

edit The Church's Present

At the moment the head priest of the Church of Saint Gingerus is Tim Minchin, who is more widely known for his comical songs and being an utter genius.

edit Tim Minchin

Minchin preaches most often in the medium of song. His most thought stirring preach was called 'Prejudice' a song about how people can not call people Ginger, if they themselves are not Ginger, this is taken directly from the Book of Ginger (3:17:74 (this mean 'book three, chapter seventeen, line seventy four')). At the moment Minchin is campaigning for Ginger right in Australia, but is having little success in getting large crowds together outsde due to the fact that Gingers melt above 28 degrees Celsius.

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