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Buddha tree

Siddhartha's first LSD trip.

Siddhartha Gautama (563 BCE to 480ish BCE) was an Indian prince and philosopher who reached enlightenment in his later life, changing his name to Gautama Buddha and going on to found the religion of Buddhism. Despite popular belief, Gautama Buddha was not the only Buddha (or enlightened one). In fact, before him, there were 27 others, including Sumana Buddha, Tissa Buddha, Sikhī Buddha, and the Golden Buddha Chinese Buffet.

Early life

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According to legend, the night that Siddhartha was conceived, his mother dreamt that she was impregnated by a white elephant, an obvious metaphor for Siddhartha's father, King Śuddhodana, the Kshatriya leader of Shakya clan, whose capital was Kapilavastu in the Land of the Hard to Pronounce Names. After Siddhartha was born, it was predicted that he would accomplish something great in either politics or religion.

Road to enlightenment

Recognizing the Four Noble Truths

Golden buddha

Siddhartha's favorite childhood hangout.

Following the Eightfold Path

Becoming a fat Asian man and advertising Chinese food

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