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Hello, jejejejejejeje

Twirly hurly
Twirly hurly
Twirly hurly
Twirly hurly
Twirly hurly
Twirly hurly


Welcome to the realm of madness, filled with bicycles and pants and THAT'S MY HORSE!!!!. By the way, Nixon hates you, and Oscar Wilde.


This is a song i found, if you don't like it then you can kick yourself in the balls, if that's possible.

You - THAT'S MY HORSE!!! (slap other guy)

Other Guy - THAT'S MY HORSE!!! (slaps you harder)

You - THAT'S MY HORSE!!! (slap him with fish)

Other guy - THAT'S NOT YER HORSE!!! (shoves you)

You - YEP THAT'S MAH HORSE!!! (punch him in the stomach)

Other Guy - THAT'S MY HORSE!!! (knees you in the crotch)

You - THAT'S NOT YER HORSE!!! (cut off his foot)

Other Guy - YEP THAT'S MAH HORSE!!! (cuts off your arms)

This will continue and get more and more painful, until one of you dies.

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