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xSelo94 was the first female to use the Interweb.[Citation not needed at all; thank you very much] She currently lives in a college dormitory in the Frozen Northlands of Jewdasia. Her neurotic parents await her at home, along with a Long cat, seven fuzzy chickens, and a Shortcat.

edit Early life

Selo entered the world in 1994 and spent her early childhood in the ghetto of the Smokestack State. Her presence as the only blonde, tone-deaf member of her family branded her as the milkman's child from an early age, but this myth (started by her older sister) was proven false by the time she reached the age of eleven and began to develop musical talent.

At approximately the age of two, Selo began to develop a tendency to go Bat Fuck Insane at random intervals. The cause of these confused outbursts remains unknown, but psychologists have speculated that it is related to the dragon who baked cookies in her closet. Her earliest memories are of being shut in the fireplace and forced to dance to the Spice Girls album by her older sister. Her artistic talent developed from observing televised classical masterpieces on Saturday mornings.

In July 2002, Selo and her family moved to the Kick-Ass State.

edit Hobbies

Selo enjoys a variety of activities but is too multi-talented to spend too much time on any one of them. Her knack for drawing began at the age of three, but all of her early work has been lost.

As a youth in the early 2000s, Selo discovered music just a few years too late to grow up listening to much of anything good. Her heart still lies mostly with late '90s rock and roll, which she calls melodic even if you call it vanilla. In middle school she slowly became comfortable with listening to just about any bitches and hos pimpin' bullshit and can now be caught secretly enjoying it (just don't tell the black people who laugh at her on the Metro).

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