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Wveth (IPA: /w/ʊ-'ɹʘ͡ɡɝ) is the unknown.[1]
Gleaming The Cu3b

One of the only even remotely accurate depiction of Wveth (though it isn't very close, it's still the closest) by Gamblor, Wveth's long-time friend and painter.

It is the anti (Not to be confused with 'ante' of 'up the ante' fame) and the opposite. It exists so everything opposite of Wveth (everything) can exist. It has been debated throughout human history by philosophers and psychologists, though nobody has been able to really pin down the meaning (until I came along, of course).

Wveth As A Philosophical Concept

Wveth is impossible to define, as it is nothing, but opposite of everything, which makes it something. Either way you want to look at it, Wveth is all around you. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. It is important not to confuse Wveth with 'nothing', as nothing is, in fact, something, and Wveth is the opposite of that.[2]

Wveth As A Human Being

Wveth has been around since the beginning of time, but can only exist as one person, because two opposites of everything obviously can't exist (I know it sounds obvious, but I've seen too many questions pertaining to that exact topic to exclude the information. I apologize for insulting your intelligence)[3].

Jesus Of Nazareth

Living at the same time as Jesus H. Christ had caused much confusion for the original Wveth. Often mistaken for him, his power remained untapped as he sulked in the shadow of the (apparently) more-important Jesus. Mr. Of Nazareth was very angry, and as revenge, married one Ms. Magdalene after she broke up with the other Jesus. Confusion between the two Jesus' has lead to the writing of misinformed books, which have even turned into mediocre movies.[4]



Another of the few slightly accurate Wveth depictions, by Picasso.

The most famous Wveth in history is probably one Pablo Picasso (Him being the incarnation of Wveth obviously explains his insane paintings), who saw the universe in a different way (As Wveth). As such, he saw the world as Wveth, as the opposite of him, and he attempted to paint it. Of course, what the world sees in his paintings is the essence of Wveth, though not as Wveth himself would see it. Wveth sees everything oppositely.


Another rather popular incarnation of Wveth was Pink [5]. Made popular by the album, "The Wall" (written by his good friend Roger Waters), Pink didn't know how to cope or understand the immense power and oppositeness of Wveth, and subsequently went insane and ceased to be Wveth. His tribute album can still be heard today. The Wall itself, of course, being the thing that walled him in from everything and made him opposite. When he "tears down" The Wall, he ceases to be Wveth.


The current incarnation of Wveth is me, trying to raise awareness of the incredible awesomeness that is Wveth. I am unknown. Only by chance did I discover that I am the newest incarnation of Wveth, and I'm currently attempting to tap into my near-limitless power. Unfortunately, not much progress had been made. [6]

List Of People Who Have Been Wveth

We will start from year 0, since Wveth's appearance made years go up instead of down because of his insane oppositeness.

The Beginning Of The Beginning

  • 33-102: Espatria Zogometh [7]
  • 102-202: The First Hundred-Year-Old Man (name unknown)
  • 202-255: Tao-Cao (killed in the Han Empire Civil War)
  • 255-289: Alexander The Overlooked
  • 289-341: Some hermit who thought he was the next Jesus (Though, since he was Wveth, he kind of was)
  • 341-399: King of North Africa (assassinated)
  • 399-473: Assistant to the King of Eurasia (assassinated)
  • 473-474: New King of Eurasia (assassinated)
  • 474-513: Father Lucas

The End Of The Beginning

  • 513-696: Mr. Tang of China (Knew the secret of Wveth, and passed it on to his children)
  • 696-734: Mr. Tang's son
  • 734-802: Mr. Tang's son's son
  • 802-854: Mr. Tang's son's son's son
  • 854-907: Mr. Tang's son's son's son's daughter
  • 907-1011: Her friend Alexia (they were lesbians)

The Beginning Of The End

  • 1011-1162: The Oldest Man In The World (name unknown, possible descendant of The First Hundred-Year-Old Man)
  • 1227-1276: Unknown (rumoured to be a Native American)
  • 1276-1333: Pricking Needle (Native American Medicine Man)
  • 1333-1409: Unknown Again (rumoured to be Australian)
  • 1409-1515: Tawantinsuyu

The End Of The End

  • 1588-1647: The first guy who went crazy over silk from a different country
  • 1647-1743: Jin
  • 1881-1973: Pablo Picasso
  • 1973-1974: Joe, from accounting
  • 1974-1975: Amy, the cute receptionist
  • 1975-1989: Pink

The Beginning Of The Beginning (Part II)

  • 1989-Present: Me

Fake Wveths

Wveth Flower

So far, there have been two fake "Wveths" that have been found. One of them is the elusive "Wveth" flower.

The "Wveth" Flower.

Nothing is known about it besides that it is a flower and the word "Wveth" is in the description.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

This, of course, is a flagrant wagon-riding. Obviously nothing more than someone trying to ride the wagon of Wveth, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has become one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world! According to []:

"Wyeth is a research-based, global pharmaceutical company responsible for the discovery and development of some of today's most innovative medicines. Our products are sold in more than 140 countries."

The biggest and most world-damaging effect of this is, of course, taking attention away from the real Wveth(s). Wyeth has become, in essence, an anti-Wveth. Though now that awareness of Wveth is picking up, there has been a significant decrease in their stocks. [9]


  • Wveth likes pina colada AND getting caught in the rain
  • Wveth is not into yoga and has half a brain
  • Parallel lines meet at Wveth

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