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Real Name: Diana Prince Trevor.

Occupation: U.S. Army nurse; later U.S. Army Intelligence service, with an eventual rank of Major.

Hobbies: Bullets and bracelets.

Location: Washington, D.C. of Earth-2 or Transformation Island in the Bermuda Triangle.

Brief Bio: Daughter of Queen Hippolyte of Paradise Island. Wife of Steve Trevor. Mother of Hippolyta (Lyta) Trevor/Fury. The reason that I, Wonder Woman, am so powerful is that nobody is a match for my magic lariat that compels complete honesty, my Amazonian bracelets of submission, and my baby blue mail-order contacts. As long as I wear my Amazonian bracelets and my mail-order contacts I, Wonder Woman, am totally invincible and CANNOT be thwarted! (Well, at least, not by the kind of losers that read and post on this web site!).

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