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Woman Who Speaks Truthiness, her Sioux name, has European name Femme de Véracitétion.

Not only is she considered to be the most beautiful woman in the history of the human race, more beautiful than Helen of Troy, she is also a poet, artist, novelist, mathematician, scientist who works on Quantum Theory and M-theory, and has proved, statistically, the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. She has Ph.D. degrees in chemistry, physics, psychology, astronomy, astrology, mathematics, statistics, cosmology, and cosmetology; MFA degrees in painting, drawing, and sexual imagery; her poetry and novels are all published under various noms de plume.

Her email address is womanwhospeakstruthiness (at); of couse, (at) indicates the symbol @, but the email address is written this way

(a) to avoid bot junk mail

(b) to make it annoying and difficult for you to reach her

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