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The Zork Series: Extended

Note: This adventure is based on Zork. The version here. So I'm probably gonna make references to Zork. If you haven't played Zork, do so NOW. If you have please stay and play this. Unless if you're not invited, then get the hell away.

 Currently Unnamed Adventure Score: 0 Moves: 0

Welcome to..a currently unnamed adventure.

yeah, let's skip all that introduction crap cause you're not gonna be seeing this, unless if you're T1m, but since you're probably not you're not reading this, so if you are you probably shouldn't be such a nosy little prick.

You begin at your house in the forest. You look around and see two doors, one east and one north. And you have your pet Grue in the corner, defacating in his litterbox. ..Why are you watching that?

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