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The PSWii 360 is the ultimate console! It combines the crappyness of Xbox 360, the expensiveness of PS3 and the Japaneseness of Nintendo Wii!!!! It is unstoppable!!!! NOTHING CAN KILL IT!!!!!(except for Chuck Norris). PSWii 360

edit It's Creation

Scientists from all three companies decided "Let's combine these consoles! It's gonna be funny! What's the worst that can happen?"

"It would break down a lot, which Bill Gates would approve of."

-Xbox 360 Scientist


-PS3 Scientist

"Wii would like to build it."

-Wii scientist

Unfortuneaiylyly something went wrong. The console slaughtered every one in the facility. Leaving only Gordon Freeman.


-Gordon Freeman

The government attempted to stop it but it was too late. The government threw everything they had at it: Guns, tanks, missiles, blaming it for 9/11, unleashing grues, realeasing babies, Master Chief, Samus, Mario, Micheal Jackson(YES! THAT DIDN'T WORK EITHER!! WE'RE DOOMED!!!!!!), nukes, the iNuke, the iPod and every single video game created.

"Yeah, we're pretty f***ed"

-Random person

"It is linked with Al Queda!!!"


"Death to the superidel!!!"

-Al Queda



"You son ova bitcha! You killeda Luigi!"


edit Powers

Here is a list of some familiar powers:

Red Ring Lazor of Death

Wireless Controller Missiles

Free internet Multiplayer of Doom

WiFi Vision

HD Blades

5,000,000 GB Hard Drive

Blue-Ray Gun

Red-Ray Gun

Backwards Compatibility with all video games

cell microprocessor(AKA Advanced Meat grinder)

Four Prong X Y B A Launcher

Four prong X O □ △ Launcher

Two prong A B Launcher

Quadruple Analog stick Turrets

-D-Pad jet packs

edit How not to kill it...

-Grues: Almost as if its in Soviet Russia, the PSWii 360 eats grue!

-Extreme sarcasm: works on grues only and don't think "Well why not just use grues then?" READ THE FRICKIN' FIRST THING ON THIS LIST!!!!!!

-Xbox 360: PSWii 360 owns Xbox 360

-PS3: PSWii 360 owns PS3

-Wii: DO I NEED TO FRICKIN' REPEAT MYSELF?!?!?! Go take the stupid test, I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors.

-AAAAAAAAA!: The AAAAAAAAA! would only annoy the PSWii 360 and makes it kill you first.

-Masturbtion: WTF?!?

-iNuke: Sure it has 6 GB of memory, stores 100,000 songs, plays videos and decimates entire cities, but it's not enough to stop the PSWii 360.

-Zombies: The PSWii 360 has gotten all the achievements in Dead Rising and has all zombie video games ever created!!!

-Infecting it with a zombie virus: NEVER EVER DO THAT!!! It's already really powerful and giving it the ability to withstands most wounds isn't gonna help. And what's worse is that it'll eats your brains too. Then you have one?

edit How to kill it...

-Chuck Norris: Pretty much self explanatory, although the problem is that he won't come to save you. YOU'RE NOT WORTH THE ATTENTION OF THE ALL MIGHTY, I mean, CHUCK!!!

-That guy in Rambo who's name I can't spell at the moment: His slurred speech would confuse the PSWii 360 for a long time before it decides to just vaporize him. Sylvester Stallone would the- wait?! Oooh, so that's his name. Right, so anyway, he would then have one last trick left, have a short insperational montage, which at the end, he will be vaporized anyway, but hey, ten minutes is better than nothing.

-The Spartan kick: Very effective against it. In fact, screaming "THIS...IS...SPARTAAAAAAAAA!" is one of the best ways to kill it. You need a pit big enough for it though, good luck with that.

-Sean's head: have you seen the size of that thing?! IT'S HUGE!!!! It will take a long time before the PSWii 360 can completely destroy it.

edit In conclusion...

Yeah, we're, um...we're pretty screwed aren't we? Don't blame me, blame the uncyclopedian, Wji117, he created it. that backstabbing, cocksu- wait, that's me, nevermind then. But we're still screwed. I just want to say that before we die, I slept with your mom last night...yup...and if it wasn't for the fact that everyone is gonna die then you would have gotten a new brother/sister in 6 months. Notice I said 6, not 5, That's because...well last night wasn't the first time, hehehe. Oh wait, the PSWii 360 is here. Hey, what's up, how you doing? Say could you let me liv-*LAZOR*

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