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“You'll never meet a better thingy”
~ Oscar Wilde

Big Scary Thingy (1923-)is a world-famous movie actor starring in many blockbuster movies such as Jurrassic Park and the Godzilla movies. He is anywhere between 20-600ft. whenever he wants to and same goes for his weight. Big Scary Thingy is credited with many famous directors as "being one of the most competent actors out there" and still plays parts in movies today. However good Big Scary Thingy may be, his rival actor, Small Hidden Thingy, has been recently coming under the favor of movie directors such as Wes Craven and M. Night Shamalyan.

edit Early Life

Born February 19th 1923, in a small village on the outskirts of Canada, Big Scary Thingy quickly became the worst actor in the local theatre. Likely because of his frightening demeanor and large size the theatre

edit Breakout Role

Big Scary Thingy had his breakout role at the tender age of 10. He was signed up and played the title role as King Kong. His success continued...

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