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The sofa is a piece of living room furniture that can sit usually up to eleven people or more depending on the occasion that would require a group of people sitting on a sofa. They come in many distinct sizes, colors, and materials. Occasions involving the use of a sofa include lounging, reading, and watching television. The most extensive use of the sofa can be witnessed every Monday in the Fall where many sports fans use it as a platform to watch their favorite Football teams play eachother.

edit History of the Sofa

Back in the old days, everyone sat on stones and rocks. On occassion people would sit on tree trunks or fallen branches. As anyone could imagine, all of these aren't very comfortable on one's behind. One day, some guy was so fed up with it and proposed that he could sit on something a little more soft and comfortable. He gathered several materials and built a frame designed to accomadate the perfect form for a sitting human: sinkable bottom for the buttocks and some sort of back rest in order to rest the back.

Rock solid solutions small

What people used before sofas. The moss that occasionally grew did little to add comfort

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