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Hamburger University
Motto i'm lovin' it!
Established 1940
School type Public
Head Ronald McDonald
Location Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA
Campus 80 acres
Endowment Billions
Faculty 30
Mascot Big Mac

Hamburger University is a prestigious institute of higher education located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Founded in 1940 and graduating its first students four years later, it has since prepared more than 70,000 students for a variety of challenging and rewarding professions.

edit Campus

Hamburger University has a relatively small campus compared to other universities, but it contains many facilities. These include 13 classrooms, a 300 seat lecture halls, 12 labs, and three kitchens.

edit Academics

Hamburger is accredited to offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. These degrees, known as McDegrees, come in several levels, including Medium (Bachelor), Large (Master), and Supersize (Doctorate). Most of the degree programs have a heavy emphasis on cooking and cleaning skills.

edit Degree Programs

  • Crew Development
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Mid-Management
  • Executive Development

edit Courses offered

This is a small sample of the variety of courses offered by Hamburger University

  • MAC-101: Introduction to Burger Flipping
  • MAC-118: Introduction to the Cash Register
  • MAC-130: Fries With That
  • MAC-343: Drive Through Window Etiquette
  • MAC-400: Janitorial Studies

edit Student Body

Hamburger's student body represents people from over 119 countries and courses have been taught in 28 languages. While students at most universities spend their time drinking, Hamburger is different. Instead, students take advantage of the generous meal plans and consume significant numbers of hamburgers, French fries, and milkshakes.

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