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“Well, some arse with no taste done came and wiped away the majesty that was Brooklyn Technical High School. I say! What a kerfuffle!”
~ Oscar Wilde on some arse with no taste wiping away the finest article Uncyclopedia has ever, no, will ever see

Brooklyn tech2

A picture of a school in such demand, with such power and sweeping impact upon the very bowels of society, gentlemen, I present you this poorly Photoshopped picture. Learn from it. Cry over your tea because of it. Be done with it.

edit Overview

With hardly a warning, dark forces descended from above during the Ides of March - or some other reasonably dramatic sounding time - and wiped away the finest article Uncyclopedia has ever, no, will ever see. The article, entitled the coy yet breathtaking Brooklyn Technical High School, was nominally a morality play about a vanity page for a little-known high school in Brooklyn seized by the most talented and handsome Uncyclopedia writer ever.

edit Paragraph One

The writer, whose name need not even be printed in full (W____ W______), set about altering the original testosterone-fuled rant with such a light touch of comedic mastery that even the Bard himself would have giggled and admitted he was an iliterate fop merely taking credit for the works of his various (and talented) lovers.

edit More Writing

But W____ W_____ paid little heed to his masterwork, such as it was, because other, more important projects, like Diddy Men and Stormtrooper deserved his full, lusty attention. And, leaving poor Brooklyn Technical High School to fend for itself, the demons and blackguards masquerading as the religious police of Uncyclopeda, those cads known only as They Who Are Not Admins, entreated Those That Are Admins to delete the article, for they saw not the Art, not the Majesty.

edit Bored Yet?

Then, flying into a self-righteous rage that might have distracted Some User from writing his Manifesto for three seconds, W___ W______ set about to re-creating the simple ecstasy of a lyrical article that not only transcended English but taught It new Lessons about Itself, such as how Ms. Pac Man gets really hard on the fifth level.

edit You Should Be

And so, feeling that he had wasted nearly ten minutes constantly typing for something that would no doubtedly be offered deletion anyway from someone enamored with the complete works of Pauly Shore, W___ W______ buffed his medals, waved to his fans and said, and I quote, "Fuck this shit."


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