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Carlb-sockpuppet-02 Excuse me, did we correctly find your inner sock puppet by saying you are NXWave?



This user is currently on strike, which means he is not going to edit,
contribute or do their sysop duties to any Wikia wiki for the entire
month of June. If you feel you want to support the cause, place this
template on your userpage, stop what you are doing and go strike!

Do you have a spy

Hi. I'm just a regular average Wikia user, why did I decide to create an account on Uncyclopedia you ask. It's real simple, I wanted to spread the word out that what Wikia is doing to Monaco is seriously wrong. By moving the conent up, they have created Frankenstien 2.0 which was supposed to be good but instead it turned bad in a nanosecond of it's time. Sure some people say we can move the content down, but how are we supposed to gain our dignity back, our good dignity that was tarnished by Wikia.

And why are the ads in the same place, we think this is entirely unnecessary. Since there are already ads on the top and we shouldn't have to design our content for advertising ourselves, we should design the content for the user, not for the advertiser. I mean we own the content, we shouldn't have to give it up for advertisers, which makes people want to leave Wikia which makes Wikia less attractive to the advertiser. Besides I think the ads are unnecessary and we already have ads on the top which do the job quite well.

And default Monaco for all wikis. Well this may be good but with New Monaco, it'll look defiantly ugly. Sure we can move the content down but how can we recover from this. This'll defiantly aliannate Wikians of all types, and all because of advertisers. All because of the advertisers, it may not a big deal as I'm making it out to be but it does strip some people of freedom and us registered users can still use it as a personal choice but where's the choice for us unregistered people.

Go on Strike, tell Wikia you care. Place {{User:Wikia is Propaganda/onstrike}} to your userpage and together we can make a difference.

Do you have a spy

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