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Eep This user eats snails and frogs' legs


This user is an administrator on another Wiki.
Desencyclopedie This user usually writes french humor.

Trying to translate french articles to english, and vice versa

Translation so far :

  • HowTo:Make me RICH (I was the original writer and made €15 of it on French Desencyclopedie)

  • UnTunes:Gouda (my First original article written for Uncyclopedia with no translation from or to French. I wonder if you guys know what is Gouda...)
  • How stupid are you? (I was the original writer from 2 former French articles I mixed)
  • Introduction joke (Originally written for Uncyclopedia, illuminated by SPIKE)

  • Bible Collector's Edition (Translation of 70% of an article I made for French Désencyclopédie and that was elected best article of year 2011)
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