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Two children sat waiting in the car while their father josh went into the petrol station to pay for the petrol. Although the kids just thought he went in there to get them something nice like a chocolate bar . Pick’ins were slim and no chocolate bar would be forth coming. Josh had just lost his job after crashing threw the front display window at a caravan yard. Josh had been a hard worker and a great employee for 20 years but nobody could be excused for this sort of action not even the king of England. The king of England was a spritely young fellow and has nothing to do with this story at all. But his wifes(who had a large chest) sisters-ex boyfriends sons brothers mother was a relative of josh’s employer spritely Pete. Josh loved his children their names where Josh mark 99 and Joe mark 24 a lot of people had speculated as to why this so but no one had figured it out yet. Josh mark 99 was destined to become a secret agent. Josh new this become the astrologist had said it was so and astrologist new shit loads. Josh had learnered that astrologist had great wealths of knowledge during his masters degree at Harvard, what a great 2 months that had been. An way he was now stuck in the middle of Russia with not a sent to pay the petrol bill. O the irony…. No wait their wasn’t any, O the irony. Josh cried to the Indian petrol station attendant who eventually agreed to Settle the debit if he agreed to give him a kidney. Josh agreed and was lead into the freezer room which was surprisingly well kitted out with expensive brand new medical equipment. Josh was startled with the professional lay out but that feeling was short lived because moments later he felt a sharp rusted kitchen knife enter deep into his back pushing past vital organs. Josh turned around and ask the Indian Jonny joe joe

Josh: “why? did you do that?”

Jonny joe joe’s face was suddenly over come with self anger and he slapped himself on the forehad. Remarkable he responded in English seeing he was from Spain and he was Indian and upuntill now their whole conversation had been in French.

Jonny joe joe“ Arrh damit kidney operation…… I always get the mixed up with murder”

Josh: “murder and kidney operations don’t really have that much incoming you know”

Jonny joe joe”Yes they do, both can be cured with marbles”

Josh: ”ar you sure about that?”

Jonny joe joe”yes yes yes”

Josh” but to cure some one Who’s been murder then they have to die….. you cant cure a dead person can you? You could only reincarnate them.

Jonny joe joe”what ever”

Josh started to gargle and then he fell to the floor. Josh just a juy jown on jis luck

Jonny joe joe then proceeded to push marbles into ever orifice he could find.

Ten Minutes later josh walked back to the car mins one kidney but plus 10 litres of petrol and 24 marbles. As he walked marbles popped out of his orifices(mainly his nose and ears) As he got back in the car josh proclaimed to his kids” wow what a rush” And they continued on their journey.

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