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edit Sports Jock VS Computer Nerd

Sports jock enters the library and sees computer nerd at a table, jock walks over towards nerd and stands over computer nerd and begins talking. Sports jock: coach tells me you teach me you get pass for me. me Computer Nerd: Dear jock, your radial circumference has trespassed my individual identity sector as demonstrate efficiently via 7 theorist formula established….

Sports jock: It was only 7 theorist you hoodwink

Computer Nerd: clearly 5 divided by pie

Sports jock: SEVEN!!!!!!!!!


Sports jock: THAT’S IT……

Sport jock clenches his fists ready to smash computer nerd, but is interrupted when 1 million and 1 screaming monkeys enter the library armed to the teeth with shives, 2 weapons of mass destruction, mortars , semi and fully automatic machine guns ,a holly bomb, nine grenades, 9 dirty bombs, 2b4 plank of wood , a good as new quality used missile launcher normally $700,000 sold cheap on a today only sale at $699,999.95c ,3 shot guns and 2 tea towels(to clean any mess up and help rebuild). Sports jock: Wow there’s like more then 5 monkeys in here. The monkeys stay screaming and cocking an uncocking their weapons most with grins on there faces but some gave seductive looks. Then after few minutes a horn sounded out from some where and 2 monkeys moved up to the front and stood on too separate soup boxes and all the monkeys went quite. Now the centre of attention the 2 monkeys started screaming at each other and at the tribe until the horn went off again. The monkeys then formed a line in front of either candidate. The 2 lines had equal amount of monkeys in each while one stood between the 2 lines, this seemed to aggravate all the monkeys and they all began to scream and cock there guns. Brave faced the monkey in the middle stayed fast until he spontaneously combusted. Upon seeing this all the monkeys exited the building from the left most with their newly borrowed ”the Davinci code” (paper back version).While One monkey stayed behind with the tea towel and cleaned the mess up. Upon finishing a bright light appeared from above and she floated up into female monkey heaven. Upon arrival the monkey was greeted by the cats mother.

Computer Nerd: Dam they were late today.

Sports jock :I have muscles that I call a monkey


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