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edit Pirating

Pirate A scans up and down the train looking for a hot young governess to no avail but does spot his long lost handsome friend Pirate B threw a small window in the drivers cabin looking back at him. New Zealander anal

Pirate A: Arrhhh

Pirate B: Arrhhh

Pirate A: aahh ha rrr

Pirate B: aahh ha rrr

Pirate A: Aharr ha arr?

Pirate B: Aharr ha arr?

Pirate A looks closer into the window and relies that the window is infact reflective glass.He pauses and thinks back to all the times he met young handsome Pirate B, in the bathroom, changing rooms, bedroom roof, Pirate A then relies he is having a life altering moment but before he can even blink he nods off to sleep.

5 days later

Pirate A wakes up and yawns still on the train he looks around for a hot young governess to no avail but does spot his long lost handsome friend Pirate B threw a small window in the drivers cabin looking back at him.

6 days earlier

BONUS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horrigami Chickens:


Origami Chickens

Origami Chicken farmer


The origami chicken farmer and reporter are walking through the factory lined with thousand of caged origami chickens(the origami chickens are quiet and still). The reporter presses record on a tape record.

Origami Chicken farmer:Yup, Iv been a Origami Chicken farmer for near on 30 years now

Reporter: and over the 30 or so years your farm has been the number one employer for the city is the right?

Origami Chicken farmer: Yup, these here Origami chickens don’t look after them self you see. They need the constant monitoring of our staff 24 hours a day.

Reporter: And you where saying before that your making record profits this year? Origami Chicken farmer: Yup, this year I will be finally debut free once I sell these Origami chickens. Might even sell the farm and move to the tropic get myself a nice Origami wife with folds and all.

Reporter: So how do you plan on celebrating your newfound financial freedom?

The Origami Chicken farmer reaches into the breast pocket of his suit and pulls out a Cuban cigar and lights it up and they continue walking.

Origami Chicken farmer: Yup, A spark flicks from the cigar as he responds and lands on a nearby Origami chicken which instantaneously catches on fire. Within seconds the whole row is on fire .The origami chickens start running around their cages furiously screaming and squawking.

Reporter: This isn’t going to be good for business

Upon seeing this the Origami Chicken farmer reaches into his right pocket and pulls out a gameboy advance and starts playing his favourite game “Origami Chicken farmer tycoon deluxe edition”

Reporter: No invest in sprinkler systems, sprinkler systems!

Origami Chicken farmer: Yup,

In the game the Origami Chicken farmer invests and plays on but dies of a heart attack in the game.

Origami Chicken farmer tycoon deluxe edition: “ GAME OVER”

Origami Chicken farmer: Yup,

After playing the game all the chickens had caught on fire

Origami Chicken farmer: You’re all hippo’s Instantaneously all the Origami Chickens and the reporter turned into miniature Fonzies From the Happy days. All repeatedly say “Eeeeeee” in a Canadian accent.

Origami Chicken/Fonzie farmer: the horror !!! THE HORROR

Freaked out the Origami Chicken/Fonzie farmer ran out of the farm never to be seen again………..Until the next day when he returned with a box of miniature phones with head sets which he installed in all the cages. He then turned the farm into a call center and moved it to India where the centre was spit into 5 sections

Home sales

Hot Origami Chickens delivered

Hot “love” service

CenterLink and all government services (manned by 1 Fonzie )

Hotel Wakeup calls

After setting everything up the Origami Chicken/Fonzie farmer moved to the tropics but had his head chopped off by the queen of hearts after he had tried to start a communist revolution.


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