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edit Orange

The rug walked into the house and lay down on the foor. Jonathon the cat turned around to see a rug on the floor that wasn’t there a moment ago and thought to himself “I think therefore I am” and with that thought he disappeared. Just then the windows started shaking and a bulldozer smashed threw the house. You see a new railway line/Train station/ international airport was planned to go where the house had sat for 120 years. Historians would later write how lucky Jonathon the cat was to disappear and not be heart broken by the only house he had ever lived in his whole life being destoryed. Jonathon had never left the house he had even be born and conceived in the house and know disappeared in the house. But five day after the historian had finished the paper. “Jonathon wars: the empire strikes back”. It was found that the real winner had infact been the bulldozer and subsequently since history can only written by the winners the paper was burned. But know one knew that the night before the paper was burned Jonathon reappeared and made a copy of the paper only to disappear again with the copy. After wasting ten years off his life the historian was so pissed off he threw a oranage out the window. This hurt the oranges feel and left him feeling very sorry for himself. So the orange went and joined the circus with all the freaks and …………… freaks. But he was consider to normal after a week and was thrown out again. This time into the front window of a police car which was traveling in the opposite direction at 78km/h. The car exploded and the orange lived happily ever after, the end.

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