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edit A business lady and a Business Man

From the distance come a business lady and a Business Man riding to cows threw the middle of the desert.

Business Man: Shouldn’t you be wearing a bikini or even less since we are in the middle of a dessert?

Business Lady: First of all we are in the middle of desert not one of your sick fantas……

The Business Ladies rebuttal comes to an abrupt stop when she notices her cow is sinking into the chocolate moose.

Business Lady: O so I am…..may as well go with the flow I suppose With a quick flick of the wrists the Business lady whips off her suit to reveal a badly fitting bikini top and bottom.

Business Man: God you’ve put on a bit of weight. You know, I know a good cosmetic surgeon that Iv defended a few times and won most his mal practice suits.

Business Lady: he he he(giggles) your silly

Slowly sinking into the chocolate moss the Business man swims away from his cow and to the Business Lady but when he finally get close enough to her the world collapse. The dog wakes up from its dream to find her self trapped inside an empty old Television in the middle of a grassy green field. She begins to fret and start howling Then a passing by photographer spots the innocent animal and before he rescues the dog he takes a photograph. The photograph even set up the tripod to capture the moment he sets the dog free. He gets his photo but as he pulls the dog into his chest to calm it the dog disappears. In shock the photographer collapses from a heart attack into the long grass and wolves eat his body that night. The camera is found pawned and brought by a commercial art gallery assistant who throws away the film. The camera disappears.

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