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edit Attack of the Lovely Minions

While on his evening walk across his lake in the English country side ,Susej was playing his favourite mobile phone game “snake 2”. Although Susej wasn’t very good at it and every time the screen show the words “game over” he had to toss it over his shoulder but luckily every time he did so there seemed to be another phone in his pocket. Susej loved to walk on water and today was a especially nice day to do so seeing the weather was so nice, hardly a swine had fallen from the sky all day. Marry always kept a eye on Susej threw her kitchen window. Marry loved knifes, Marry would be often herd stating ”Marry Loved Knifes” which didn’t make much sense since she still liked knifes. Marry’s favourite knife “Knifey“ had a self destruct button for those tricky kitchen situations. Marry had 50 knifes in every room of her cottage. She secretly loved her knifes even more then her husband Susej. Marry also loved to count her knifes and was just about to start counting them for the fifth time that day when Susej walked in and suggested:

Susej: “Lets move next door”

Marry: ”why?”

Susej: ”Next door live 2 meters closer to my favourite walking Lake”

Marry: ”Can we take my knifes?”

Susej: ”Ima sorry but I think the house next door is allergic to them”

Marry: ”ow……can I think about it for a couple of years?”

Susej: ”Alright just a couple years”

30 Years Later they moved next door and sold their house,steak knifes included to 4 tomatoes who moved in 4 days later. Unfortunatly the next day a zombie goat feel from the sky and ate 3 of the tomatoes. The zombie goat was going to eat the fourth but was interrupted by his mobile phone. It was his agent and he had scored a major roll on a Broadway play and “must fly there immediately”. So the zombie goat put on its super man cape and flew off into the sunset. The remaining tomato went on to become a corporate lawyer but on his graduation day was added to the tossed salad. The tomato got honours and ducks. The duck went onto successfully sue the tomato for not being there for him as a duckling and was awarded 2 million dollars and also successfully had a cease and desist order handed out to the writer of this story.

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