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This user is on vacation, holiday, sabbatical, administrative leave, or is otherwise goofing off with the knowledge and/or consent of the Admins. Or, more likely, they've buggered off without saying boo to anyone. Their expected date of return is never ever ever. If you're lonely, or you miss them, leave a message.
Peach 8cropped

edit You're Not Welcome

Hi, you're not welcome. Why aren't you doing something important?

edit What?


What? You thought you'd say hi? To me? Why on Earth? Leave now while your sanity remains...

edit What?

What? You're not sane? Oh.

edit What?

What? You've never been sane. Gotcha, i'm there too.

edit My Articles

Midlle finger girl

Gethe F@#$ outta hear u stupid douche, and leave ur filthy hands off my work!


Hey, my articles need some TLC, so please feel free and welcome to edit them and fix them up a bit. You are a welcome friend and any help is appreciated, unless you are one of the living. Thank-you. --Pea Peachess Chess (Chat) 15:24, April 13, 2011 (UTC)

Y'all be Warned:
Adult neon This user is too damn sexy
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