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Carlb-sockpuppet-02 Excuse me, did we correctly find your inner sock puppet by saying you are Why do I need to provide this??



UPDATED 2012 MAY: I'm just a guy who used to be honorable Uncyclopedia editor until I suddenly discovered some people pay for this stuff. So I've prostituted myself. In the past few months, I: got a little something published in a book for which I got paid virtually nothing; completed my bit as part of a group working with an author on another book which got published; worked on another book that is scheduled to have already been published in 2012 but has run into complications; learned that my informal proposal for another book may be headed to formal proposal level; got a story that appeared in a magazine in November that paid me very little; published a few articles where I got paid enough to buy myself a nice but not too big jar of honey. Yes, I'm a cheap slut. But then you knew that.

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“I don't think the writers work as hard as they used to, and I think they may lack experience because I don't think the writing is as good as it used to be.”
~ John Cleese on Uncyclopedia

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(Bruce Wayne was Batman but we changed him.)

(Actually, I did virtually nothing on this article except oversee some small IC stuff and write a Pee Review.)

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