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The Xbox 360 is the newest console from Microsoft, known best for the highly successful Xbox, which was clearly the only console for frat boys playing Halo 2 nude and eating Cheetos. Known throughout it's development as Xenon, Xbox 2, Xbox Next, and pr0nstation, it's held in high regard for it's XBOX Live service, in which poor people are not welcome.

edit Console Launch

November 22, 2005, a day that will live in infamy. On that fateful day the Xbox 360 was released onto North American shelves, and the parents of spoiled 12 year olds lined up by the dozen.


Bill shows us exactly what he does with all that money.

edit Features

  • A web cam for showing and (possibly) disturbing other players by showing them the rash on your ball sack.
  • Unnecessary latent heat warming your house, washing your dishes, and killing your pets and close relatives.

edit Criticism

The Xbox 360 has been slammed by critics for not cooking eggs in the specified amount of time that the manual reports it should. Microsoft has declined to publicly comment on the issue, but during a personal interview, Steve Ballmer informed the press that the 360 fulfills most other promises, proclaiming that it does toast much better than any next generation system released thus far. He later stood up and started shouting something about how Eric Schmidt and Howard Stringer had teamed up, and were planning to kill all developers. He was quickly taken away in his batmobile™©®.

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