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Where the hell are my cigarettes?

edit Hi Everyone!

I'm Whiteside, I'm a noob. I have an analogous Wikipedia account, it's the same person behind this very account. I like Uncylopedia because you're actually supposed to write jokes, as opposed to having them deleted by the sand-bot every 12 hours at Wikipedia. I'm particularly fond of jokes requiring knowledge to be funny, although I'll be damned if I know how to write those kind of jokes.

edit Yeah, but what have you done for me lately?

  • I rewrote Jesus Ocean, with respect towards the initial author's premise, and sort of his style. I think i was bit too considerate towards the anonymous IP, and the article still kinda sucks because of that.
  • I sporked San Serriffe from Wikipedia and changed very little, actually.
  • I made a Bob Dylan joke of a page for Blood on the Tracks, which isn't as ugly as before.
  • I brought Drosophila up to a slightly higher standard by upgrading the mating imagery.

edit Awards, userboxes, and random images!


Grue on Skates


Doggy on wheels

doggy on wheels

Drosophila mating2




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