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Richard Hammond makes a quick escape after destroying an innocent persons home, in Birmingham. On TV's Brainiac

If I satarised you and yours, I meant no harm, please don't take it personally!

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edit Works of Article

These are articles which I have started, finished, began, and rewrote. Allegedly.

edit Large

  • Andrew Dean Richards - The first article I created, on actor Richard Dean Anderson, most of what is on this page is my work.
  • Stuart Little - The best pschological thriller I have ever seen, this article I created whilst contemplating making an article on Hugh Laurie, I am still contemplating that very article.
  • Richard Hammond - One of the presenters of Top Gear.
  • Johnny English - Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!

edit Small

  • Brainiac - The TV Show that destroys innocent peoples homes and calls it entertainment... apparently.
  • Dick and Jerry in da Bungalow - Jeremy Clarkson got a custard pie in his face the other week, thought this would be a good idea!

edit In Progress

  • BP - An Article on the oil mongols is beckoning, I say.

edit Stubs

edit Quotable Characters

edit People I would like to quote...

  • Jimmy Carr - ever since he did those Nutri Grain ads where he said "Made scrummy and whatevery by magic, - apparently" I've wanted to quote him, just the "...apparently" alone is good enough.
  • Jeremy Clarkson - He ends every episode of Top Gear by saying "...and on that Bombshell, it's time to end the show." - Definately Quotable.

edit Works of Art


edit Movie Posters/Video Game Covers


A Stuart Little promotional poster from 1999, Showing Hugh Laurie as the insane Professor Little.


The new MacGyver movie of The Da Vinci Code, MacGyver: The Quest for the Holy Grail to be released in 2006

edit Manipulations


A False UK cover made to match the existing article, yes I know it's crap. See: Harry Potter.


A photograph of the first usage of Windows 95, in 1895, the first time Americans ever saw colour.


A Screen-Capture of the TV Show Dick and Jerry in da Bungalow with Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson.


Richard Hammond makes a quick escape after destroying an innocent persons home, on TV's Brainiac.


BBC News 24, check out the bigger version for all the puns on there.

edit Photos

Just some plain photos I uploded to add to articles.


Stephen Fry, with him as the late, great, Oscar Wilde.


Andrew Dean Richards is the world renowned Futurama obsessed actor who is most famous for staring as (and briefly changing his name to) Angus MacGyver. Here he is pictured early in the morning.


An example of how not to "lady". From Little Britain.


Proof that Stargate really did start in the 60's

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