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You may be looking for an Orgasm and not even know it!

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“They tried to make go to rehab but I said yeah, yeah, yeah..”
~ Amy Winehouse on copyright issues
~ Ian Paisley on everything

Yeah Yeah Yeah's are a New York based interpretive dance group comprised of singer and accordianist Karen Orly?, guru and bongo player Brian Chase, and Nick "The Frame" Zimmer on kazoo.


Note to custom officials, not drug paraphanelia, rather a kazoo.

edit History

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs first met at an Amputee Sign Language course in the Bronx, New York. After two months tutoring, the three were each only to stump the sign for "yeah". United in their lack of hand-stump co-ordination, the three became pals and soon began sharing common interests such as Nude figure-skating, Extreme Stamp Licking, and Cupboarding. After a particularily long day of stoning worthless homeless alcoholics, Karen OhGosh became very active in gesture while describing a particularily good stone throw [1], it was at this point they decided to form an interpretive dance group known as the "Maybe, maybe, maybes" (later changed to the "Yeah Yeah Yeahs").

edit Members

edit Karen OhBehave!

Lead singer and accordianist


Karen Oh-oh-ohhhh-YES!! in full voice.

  • Karen Lee Orzołek, better known as Karen O (b. November 22, 1978 in South Karenea), is the lead vocalist/mime artist with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • Karen Ozone's mother is Korean and father is Polish. Karen grew up in captivity, and attended Oberlin College for performing monkeys, but was later released into the wild at New York University's Funky School for Rap'n'Rhymin' an' all that Shizzle[2].
  • Karen O-Negative is known throughout the rock world for her outrageous antics during live shows, which include spitting water, bees, ping-pong balls or sometimes grapes into the crowd (not with her mouth either), and often simulating/stimulating sexual acts with the stage monitors or her microphone.
  • Karen Ovary's trademark yelping caterwaul has been compared to, among other things, strangling a cat, whistling dixie, the cold drawn-out death rattle of an asthmatic or, memorably, as an eager Japanese tourist singing karoake, pepped up on rhino-tranquilisers[3].
  • While touring in Austrailia, Karen OBrotherWhereArtThou? was joined onstage by her good friend (and occasional lover) Peaches. While dancing (ironically, the safety dance!), they both accidentally fell off the stage. Karen Ow broke her leg and both spines. Peaches was merely bruised, but never tasted quite as nice afterwards.
  • Karen Ogle's wacky sense of fashion is often copied by her fans. For instance, when she turned up to a gig in a golden wheelchair after the aforementioned stage-dive-gone-wrong, hundreds of fans immediately started crippling one another in an attempt to imitate the star.
  • Karen theOC has been romantically linked with several high profile figures in the world of entertainment including, Spike Jonze, MC Stephen Hawking, Barney (the Dinosaur), Barney (Gumble), Dick Cheney and Barney (Rubble).
  • Karen Oasis was asked by Playboy to pose on their cover. She said on the subject, "If I see footage from our shows, I'm shocked by what I'm doing. But Playboy asked me about being on the cover. That's pretty insane. I may do it in the future." Hundreds of male fans renewed their subscriptions. None of the Barneys were available for comment.

edit Nick Zimmer


Zimmer shreds another guitar, playing to the S&M market.

Kazooist Extrordanaire

  • Nick Zimmer (b. Nicholas Cornelius Zimmer on December 8, 1974) is known for his "unmistakable" wild black hair, skinny frame, pale appearance and large blades where his hands should be. Much like a typical emo teenager (only he actually uses the blades).
  • His lifelong dream was to be a musician, and he practised guitar every day from the age of twelve while working part-time in a meat processing plant earning just enough to pay for food and music lessons. On the day of his graduation from college, and retirement from the slaughterhouse, he was involved in a near fatal accident in which he lost both his hands.
  • This led to several sweeping changes in Nick's life. He gave up Guitar and took up Kazoo, he began to campaign for PETA, and he enrolled in the Amputee Sign Language course where he met his current band-mates.
  • His work with PETA and his slender 'coat-hanger' figure can be put down to the fact that he is a vegan. It is believed Karen CheeriO found the inspiration to write their second album, Show Your Bones, after glimpsing him naked in the dressing room.
    • “It's just a back with a crack!”
      ~ Karen O on Nick Zinner's lack of a tush
  • He acquired the Nick-name (geddit?) "The Frame" because despite his love of heavy metal, even aluminium is too weighty for his feeble physique.
  • Additionally, Zimmer is an accomplished pornographer photographer. He studied pornography photography at Clown College and has released three separate collections of his work: No Seats On the Party Car Room for two upstairs! (2001), Slept in Beds In Bed by Ten, Home for Twelve! (2003) and I Hope You Are All Happy Now, You Miserable Gits (2004).

Why he has such a varied CV is much speculated upon in the rock world. Some say a good kazooist is impossible to find, others say Nick is just trying to escape from the black hole of boredom that is Brian Chase.

White square

More exciting than a pic of Brian Chase.

edit Brian Chase

Repetitive Drummer

  • Brian 'Boring' Chase (b. December 2, 1978) was born in Long Island and now lives in Broo...zz...zzzz....zzz. . . mmmpf whassat? My apologies, I just, yaaawwn, nodded off. He plays the drums/bongos and is the least cared-about member of the band.

edit Discography


  • Fever To Yell
    • An album written about (and recorded during) female multiple-orgasms. It delves deep into the female psyche exploring themes of sexual desire, both pre- and post-coital, and carrots. Also contains some drums.
    • Tracks include; "Itch", "Date with the Knight", "Oh Man", "Tick (Itch reprise)", "Black Tongued", "In", "No No No - Well Alright Then", "Maps", "Y Chromosone Control", and the hidden track "Purple Thong". The Japanese release came with a free Hello Kitty Vibrator.
  • Show Your Bones
    • An altogether darker album whose central recurring theme is the embrace of anorexia. The album was slammed by parents rights groups and the Federal Association To Tackle Insalubrious Eating Syndromes (F.A.T.T.I.E.S.)
    • Tracks include; "Cold Sirloin", "Déjà Vu" (UK bonus track), "Fancy some desert?", "Phenomenomenomena", "Honey barely there", "Déjà Vu" (UK bonus track), "Cheated Charts", "Déjà Vu" (UK bonus track), "The Evil Sweets", "Turn Into", "Tonsil Tickler" (UK bonus track), "Déjà Vu" (UK bonus track)
  • K.O. At Home
    • Possibly trying to cash in on the One Night in Paris internet furore, a home recorded album was "leaked" onto the internet. It wasn't half as succesful as Karen OJSimpson had hoped, despite having an Oscar Wilde quote on the cover (really!). Perhaps because it was available for free, or perhaps becaus it featured absolutely no nudity whatsoever.


  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Often know as Master, due to the words also being on the cover in an attempt made by Karen OhLordy to mess with your head. However, this backfired because most fans of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's already have brain abnormalities.
  • Machine - Not actually an EP at all, but a failed venture by Brian Chase into engineering.
  • Is Is - Due out July 24, 2007. Possible themes include the future, psychic hotlines and double vision. Or maybe not.

edit Trivia

  • Karen O.K. is a clone from a malignant tumor on Bjork's left breast.
  • Karen O'Shaughnassey is Irish[5].
  • Karen Ol' Yeller eats children for breakfast.
  • K.O. has a tattoo of a Bumblebee on her right shoulder. It is believed she first discovered her trademark caterwaul at the age of eight after being stung by a bee.[6]
  • Nick Zimmer was formerly the kazooist for Detroit outfit the No No No's.
  • While being of average weight, Brian Chase is still heavier than the other two members put together.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are fucking awesome.
  • While pretentious, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have fallen short at being Thom Yorke level.
  • The club anthem "Sealings" was never released for fear of a backlash from anti-seal-clubbing groups.

edit Footnotes

  1. Skipped 17 times across the lake and caught the hobo right in the goolies.
  2. Founding fathers Snoop Dogg and Warren G.
  3. Have you never noticed how ranquil rhinos are? Yeah, thats from all the rhino-tranquilisers.
  4. Just in time for the re-union, yay!
  5. To be sure, to be sure.
  6. Twenty quid for a jar of honey!?!

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