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My flag DarkenFlag copy

Bush Satan

The stand-in for the days Satans hung over.

Islamic irony

Violent religion?

Purple athe

Athe killing God using a nuclear flamethrower.

Boris address white house

The most intelligent president of the US since 2000

Head combine attempt

Reverend Richard Dawkins before his favorite Bible verse.

Bushread -hands copy

George Bush is a great fan of Richard Dawkin's books.


Jesus writing lines while in detention.

Image-Bible DVD

The Bible on DVD; created for illiterate people in the Deep South.


Cool cat


The Israeli armed forces doing their part to save Japan from Godzilla.

Can of worms

Typical Main Course at Republican Dinner Parties


Haggard on German TV in 1934.


A young girl showing off two of her favorite toys: a hand grenade and Richard Dawkins famous Afairyist book "The Fairy Delusion".


Militant Afairyist girl gaining war tactics from The Fairy Delusion.

447px-Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler

Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace planning to take over the world. Picture taken in 1940.


A typical Middle Eastern Fairyist terrorist holding an Uzi semi automatic machine gun.

Ocean copy

A wonderful marriage between Paint and Photoshop. See; they can live side by side.

Uk layout

Rough layout of the United Queendom as of 2007

Wtc smokedevil copy

Evidence that the tooth fairy drove the 9/11 Fairyists – here she is in the smoke.

Atheist cat

If you're not an atheist you hate fury cats. You don't hate fury cats, do you?

Intelligent gravitation copy

A diagram showing how spacetime is curved by the presense of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

White men can&#039;t jump upload

An example of a KKK member refusing to interact with the other players.

New version shooter

Jared wielding the most powerful weapon in the game: the nuclear sub, also known as the Polaris.

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