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Ah! Hello there! Welcome to my miniature alcove. I suppose that you're here to learn a little about me. Well, there's not much to learn, really, but here goes. I:

  • have been an active Uncyclopedian since summer 2006.
  • spend the majority of my contribs (a) fixing grammar (which is indicated with the edit summary "gramspelpunct" in small cases or "CPS" in large ones), (b) fixing scores, and (c) voting, primarily at VFH.
  • am an absolute Uncyclopedia addict. Wait, that was almost alliterative! Hmm... "am an absolute Ansaikuropedia addict!" Yeah, that works.
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    my anti-drug
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The good stuff

These are my better pages. I'm proud of them!

Not such good stuff

These are my early works. They're not very good, but they weren't bad enough to get deleted, either (except for Puur, but you weren't missing much), so that's good.

Works in progress (sorta)

With the exception of the last one, these have been on my subpages for so long that I'm considering asking an admin to delete them.

For the Fourth Poo Lit Surprise

I had several ideas for the Fourth Poo Lit. This was the only one that I managed to finish.



10 favorite articles

  1. Fire hydrant
  2. African Giraffe
  3. Fisher Price: A Retrospective
  5. Patrick Henry
  6. New Age Psychology
  7. VCR Manual
  8. Escher
  9. American Dream
  10. Red light

I admire the writings of

Articles that were featured because of my keen nominating eye

I like to keep a record.


Th Mikuruattack-1-

This is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the undisputed best thing ever. It's on my userpage so that if the only page currently using it gets deleted the picture won't as well. I plan to use it myself.

Which of the anime listed below is your favorite?

The poll was created at 05:34 on July 20, 2007, and so far 26 people voted.

Editor's note: Obligatory Joke Option was a short-lived 80s supernatural/shounen anime about a high school boy who learns that he has telekinetic powers. It was pretty good.

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