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Raid on Tokimeki Memorial, often abbreviated to Tokimeki Memorial, is a fast-paced, action-oriented, and often disturbingly violent first-person shooter video game for the Sony Playstation, and the first game in the now-classic Tokimeki line of shooter games. Upon its 1995 release it was quickly hailed as "a masterpiece of artistic creation," "so intense it made me vomit," and simply "the Best Game Ever" by critics. To date, the only game more grotesque is Halo.

edit Conception

edit Plot

The game takes place during World War II, in a battle that was made-up for the game so as to not depict actual events of the war in such an atrocious light. The action that takes place in the game is far more violent than anything that happened in the war, and so the creators, to avoid seeming indifferent to the actual suffering on the part of the soldiers, wrote the plot of the game in a fictitious "Tokimeki Memorial" in northern Japan.

edit Characters

Main article: Shiori Fujisaki

Shiori Fujisaki, the central antagonist, is a woman of pure evil who was hired by the Japanese government to assassinate the American forces that landed at Tokimeki. Wicked, beautiful, and skilled in every method of killing and torture, she is a heartless, remorseless fiend.

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