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The Hare Hare Yukai (which means "sunny sunny happy," I don't know why) is the dance from the ending song of the same name of the popular modern science-fiction/action/comedy/romance/religion/apocalypse anime, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, starring all five members of its infamous SOS Brigade. As such, all Haruhi Suzumiya fanboys and fangirls are required to know how to do it, even you. If you claim to be a fan but are not able to dance the Hare Hare Yukai, you will be rejected permanently from all civilized society.[1] This guide is designed to alleviate that, and ensure that you are able to Save the world by Overloading it with fun with Haruhi Suzumiya too![2]

By dancing!

edit Introduction

Haruhi stare

Haruhi will be displeased with you if you cannot dance like her.

The Hare Hare Yukai is done in three parts. The first features just Haruhi[3], dancing alone. The second part features Haruhi, Yuki, and Mikuru. This part isn't shown in any of the episodes, but because it's included as a bonus on one of the DVDs, it has exploded all over YouTube, and you therefore suck at life if you don't know about it. In the third part, Kyon and Itsuki come in and dance alongside them, although Haruhi maintains the spotlight and Kyon honestly looks like he wants to hit her with a mallet.[4]

The dance, which is accompanied by an upbeat J-Pop song (much like every other anime ending theme), is virtually impossible to do fast enough to keep up with the music; the only way Haruhi and the others are able to keep up is through some sneaky camera cuts. However, this guy is able to do it, and therefore, you have to as well, or you are not a true member of the SOS Brigade!

edit Part One

Did you know...
...that the "H" stands for Haruhi?

Haruhi starts the dance by doing a vague and misguided imitation of the Hokey Pokey, garbled in translation. Before you start this step, make sure that you have a big black H behind you, made out of... uh... cardboard, or something. Now sort of let yourself drift to the right, without taking your eyes off of the camera, if there is one, although now that I think about it, there probably isn't. Now throw your right arm about, left, right, up, down, then that thing from Pulp Fiction, throw it around some more, just keep it going until your fangirls come to join you.

When they arrive, you are on to Part Two.

edit Part Two


Alternatively, you can try taking center stage during Mikuru's turn, if you have big enough boobs.

Part Two is where everyone starts singing. We'll ignore the song itself[5] and just concentrate on the dancing for this article.

First couple of lines, just a basic hip shuffle. Don't be ashamed of it. If you've learned this much, you might as well do the whole thing. Now throw your hand about again. The same one. This will cover the fact that the two girls behind you are having miniature seizures long enough to save them.

This is where things get weird. At this point in the video, Yuki Nagato, who should be on your right, loses the ability to move, and Haruhi carries her off-camera, where they discreetly replace her with a robot for the rest of the video. I have no idea how to imitate this... you're on your own here, pal.[6] Anyway, you'll need to let the girl on the left (Mikuru in the original) take the lead here for a bit.

edit Part Three

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edit Notes

  1. By "civilized society" we mean "anime fan forums."
  2. S.O.S. Brigade.
  3. You know, from the show.
  4. Which he does. In this one episode. That they haven't aired yet.
  5. It is beyond my abilities as an instructor to teach someone how to pronounce English words the wrong way the right way – that is, the Japanese way.
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