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Eek! What re you doing here?

I haven't cleaned up here lately. Um. This year. I currently hold a record of only 50% huffed articles.

Barely functional

I used to contribute a bunch more to Uncyclopedia but I forgot both my user name and how to use wiki

Un-huffed articles and art

Create an article with this title

Huffed Articles


In most cases I agree with a huffed piece if I was just stubbing it, but it's just to get things started. I suppose there's a few folks out there who will create the references they refer to in another article just to be self-referencial. But that's not the User:Webmonkey way.

I abuse this but less than most:


Things I try to do

Throw out the first baseball of the season, contribute initial inaccuracies in articles or supplement already existing ones. I cite references such as Monty Python, Firesign Theatre, and Mel Brooks, although this has been quite unsuccessful in job interviews when they see that on my resume.

Random Art


It's just strange. Had to be here.

Bugs bbq2

I'm not some sicko working out fantasies in Photoshop, 
just following the sicko working out fantasies 
in MS Paint that.. well, needed formatting.

Bloink1 solid
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This article is a stub. The article submitter may also have been placing a bullet to his head many times now . You can help Uncyclopedia by burying his corpse in your backyard.
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