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“Is he a warp star?”

It could enter anybody in SSBB., such as feeble, fragile, pitiable and crybaby stupitta-pee.

Stafy(Sutafi, スタフィー also known as stupittafy) is a character in Densetsu no Stafi series like a Star fish(he isn't star fish but frying star), and he's late Yokoi Gumpei's descendant who was a famous developper in Nintendo, but Stafy is... feeble, fragile, pitiable and crybaby stupittafy.

He has a great abilitie that he can doing from 8,000 meters above to depths of up to 80,000 meters. But Stafy is feeble, fragile, pitiable and crybaby stupid, it's not utility.

edit Stafy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Stafy also known as feeble, fragile, pitiable and crybaby stupittafy enters Super Smash Bros. Brawl as Assist Trophy not playable character... But Stafy can be attacked by playable characters, because he is feeble, fragile, pitiable and crybaby stupid. And we look he is too unhappiness, but Stafy thought amazing stage in SSBB.

By the way, in Japan, four Stafy Series developed, and he has a little name recognition IN JAPAN. But I think they don't know him, however, he is a plugger and good personality, sey hallo to him.

edit Legends of Stafy

Griding stafy

The picture that Stafy griding with other characters.

Ninny Stafy is always in an accident, but he is never injury, and he isn't oblivious of the accident.

belows are examples.

  • he was fall from cliff, he backs who acts like there is nothing wrong. Of cource, he isn't remember.
  • he is pressed falling ceiling and floor, he recovers and he keeps smiling.
  • he has run faster than cockroachies, but he doesn't incognizant the ability.
  • When he runs, he wears a pair of grasses, but he says he has no grass.
  • Stafy is able to gride like Pit, Meta Knight and the Pokémon Trainer’s Charizard, but it's not means because Stafy can't entry playable characters.

edit Is he stole somebody?

Stupittafy is just simillar than Kirby, but Stafy is less-noted character, he can't entry playable character but he entrys Assist Trophy... Kirby is too famous character...
they are too similar character, but Stafy is week than Starmie, who can control water. Additional, Pokémon is made for more 5 years. &
they are sea prince, and Stafy is week than he, Stafy has only way to give up.
I saw Stafy's all.
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