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edit plz note that theas are my notes and not anything close to the finised product


Screenshot of Cave StoryThe main character moves across the game screen, and can jump and shoot at will. Initially, the player may only run and jump, but a variety of weapons and items can be acquired throughout the game. Weapons can be obtained from treasure chests or traded at various locations in the game.

Characters Quote (クォート, Kwōto?) is the player character of the game and a largely silent protagonist. In early versions of the game, he was named Curly Brace.[4]

Curly Brace (カーリーブレイス, Kārī Burēsu?) is a female robot who protects Mimigas.

Sue Sakamoto (坂本 数, Sakamoto Sū?) is the daughter of Momorin Sakamoto, who never wanted to come to the island. She was turned into a Mimiga by Misery.

Fuyuhiko Date ("The Doctor") (伊達 冬彦(ドクター), Date Fuyuhiko (Dokutā)?) is the current master of the Demon Crown. He takes Mimigas from various places to feed them red flowers, which turn them into killer monsters, and unleashes them on the Surface.

Balrog (バルログ, Barurogu?) is Misery's "punching bag" and a minion of The Doctor. Because of the Demon Crown's curse, he is forced to fight for the Doctor, but helps the player on several occasions, after asking Quote and Curly "not to tell a soul" about it. He uses the interjection Huzzah at each appearance. In early versions of the game, he was a basic common enemy.[4]

Misery (ミザリー, Mizarī?) is a witch, minion of the Doctor and the daughter of Jenka. Because of her role in creating the Demon Crown, she has been forever cursed to follow the orders of whomever bears it.

Ballos (ボロス, Borosu?) is Jenka's brother, Misery's uncle, and an extremely powerful sorcerer. He was tortured into insanity and corruption and abused his magical powers, and thus was sealed inside the island by Jenka.

The Core is a living entity who holds the island aloft. If the core is destroyed, it is said that the floating island will fall to the ground.

Kazuma Sakamoto (坂本 数馬, Sakamoto Kazuma?) is Sue's brother and a specialist in Sky Dragons.

Jenka (ジェンカ?) is an old witch who has lived on the island for a long time. She resides in the Sand Zone and raises puppies. She is Ballos's sister and Misery's mother.

King (キング, Kingu?) is the leader of the Mimiga Village since the death of Arthur. He feels he is responsible for anything that happens to Toroko. King dislikes Sue because she is an outsider and her appearance coincides with the Doctor's attacks on the village. He dies trying to save Toroko, but gives his sword to Quote, requesting that the robot avenge him.

Jack (ジャック, Jakku?) is the village's second-in-command. He wears goggles and an ushanka hat with a wing emblem on it.

Toroko (トロ子?) is a Mimiga who accepted Sue and made friends with her. She is mistaken by Misery and Balrog for Sue and abducted. Balrog forces her to eat red flowers, transforming her into a frenzied version to fight Quote, but she loses and dies.

Momorin Sakamoto (坂本 百鈴, Sakamoto Momorin?) is a rocket scientist and the mother of Kazuma and Sue. She did not want to bring them to the island, but could not leave them on their own.

Professor Booster (ブースター博士, Būsutā-hakase?) is the head of the research team and a specialist in jetpacks.

Itoh (伊藤?) is an engineer who specializes in control systems. He was turned into a Mimiga by Misery. He eventually helps Momorin Sakamoto to finish a rocket for Quote to fly up to face the final enemies.

Arthur (アーサー, Āsā?) is the legendary hero of the Mimigas, who fought against the evils of the island, driving them back, but was eventually killed by the Doctor and his servants prior to the beginning of the game.

[edit] Story The main character awakens in an underground cavern with no memory of how he came to be there. He finds a village populated by rabbit-like creatures called Mimigas, who are being persecuted by the Doctor. Two of the Doctor's servants, Misery and Balrog, are looking for a Mimiga named Sue, but mistakenly abduct a Mimiga named Toroko. The player's main quest is to rescue Sue, save the Mimigas from the Doctor, and escape the floating island on which the game is set. There are three different endings: a good ending (naturally the hardest to get, involving a very difficult extra stage, two extra bosses) (although there are four phases to the latter one), a normal ending, and a bad ending (which occurs about halfway through the game and requires little effort to get). The endings are based on the player's relationship with other characters in the game, as well as finding various secret items.

Cave Story has been ported to the AmigaOS 4,[9] Linux,[10] and Mac OS X[11] operating systems, the PlayStation Portable,[12] Xbox, and GP2X. A Nintendo DS demo has been released.

[edit] WiiWare A version for Nintendo's Wii will be released via WiiWare.[13][14] Developed by Nicalis, the WiiWare version will have "new, exclusive content and features" including widescreen and 480p display options, new character designs by Amaya,[14] a completely redone English localization,[15] and enhanced graphics and music (arranged by Yann van der Cruyssen and others), though players will be able to switch them for the original music and visuals.[16]

Arthur From Cave Story WikiArthur is a Mimiga, Toroko's older brother, who is killed by one of the Doctor's servants prior to the start of the game. Arthur was a skilled warrior and protected the Mimiga Village from various dangers. His grave is located in the Mimiga Village's Graveyard. His tombstone reads, "Here sleeps the noble Arthur, true hero to the Mimigas." edit SynopsisArthur is killed by one of the Doctor's servants before the events of the game, and thus is never seen throughout its duration. This is revealed by talking to Toroko and King early on. Near the beginning of the game, King seeks the key to Arthur's House in order to get to Sue, who is inside. Toroko refuses to relinquish the key, however. After she is kidnapped by the Doctor's servants Misery and Balrog, the protagonist is able to enter the Graveyard and retrieve the second key from Arthur's grave. From this point on, Arthur's House is used as a sort of base of operations by the protagonist and his comrades, the teleporter there providing access to a number of different locations within the Island.

Retrieved from "" King From Cave Story WikiKing is the leader of the Mimiga Village. A rather serious person, King seems to be firmly against outsiders entering the Mimiga Village, as evidenced by his reaction to the appearance of Sue, regardless of the fact that she was a Mimiga like himself at the time. This was most likely due to the looming threat of the Doctor and his minions. edit SynopsisKing first appears when arguing with Toroko over the key to Arthur's House, desiring it in order to get to Sue, who was inside. After Toroko is taken by the Doctor's servants Misery and Balrog, he forces Sue into a cage in the middle of the village after she returns from the Egg Corridor, hoping to trade her to the Doctor's minions for Toroko. Sue eventually convinces him to free her after explaining to him the Doctor's plans for the Mimigas and the nature of the red flowers. After the protagonist returns from Grasstown with Sue's brother Kazuma and Professor Booster, King heads to Arthur's House with everyone else in order to formulate a plan, eventually deciding to send the protagonist to the Sand Zone to destroy the red flowers. He next appears in the Sand Zone storehouse, reaching it before the player, and attempts to save Toroko from the Doctor but is too late to stop her from being fed a red flower. In anger he attacks the Doctor with his sword, but is easily brushed off by him and is blown backwards into a wall, incapacitating him. After the Doctor leaves and the protagonist is forced to kill a berserk Toroko, King laments upon the state he's in and wonders if the protagonist will avenge him. His final act before dying is giving the protagonist his Sword.

A phantasmal image of King appears whenever the player uses the Sword at level 3. Whether this is actually King's spirit taking part in battle or simply a visual effect is unknown.

edit AppearanceKing sports a simple purple cloak. He has red eyes, a seemingly strange feature for a Mimiga, and has a scar across his face.

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The Doctor From Cave Story WikiThe Doctor, actual name Fuyuhiko Date, is the primary antagonist of the video game Cave Story. After arriving on the Island with a research team, serving as their medical doctor, he finds the Demon Crown and gains its powers after putting it on. With his new-found power, he terrorizes the researchers of his original party as well as the inhabitants of the Mimiga Village, all with the ultimate goal of turning the Mimigas into living weapons to unleash upon the Surface, in a bid to rule it.

Toroko is a Mimiga that lives in the Mimiga Village, one of the only six remaining residents at the start of the game. She is the younger sister of Arthur. edit SynopsisToroko is first seen being confronted by King for the key to Arthur's House, which he needed in order to get to Sue, who was inside. Toroko refused to give him the key, as even though Sue was an outsider, Toroko had befriended her and didn't want to betray her. She is next seen at the Reservoir after the protagonist finds the Silver Locket, and she runs away in fear when approached. She next appears, for one reason or another, in the Shack, attacking the protagonist in defense with naught but a stick, thinking he is one of the Doctor's henchmen. Easily repelled, she realizes her mistake and is surprised that the protagonist has found her locket. Saying that Sue had given it to her, Toroko allows him to keep it, as King wasn't fond of seeing her and Sue get along. Soon, though, the Doctor's henchmen arrive and take Toroko away, mistaking her for Sue. Toroko next appears in the Sand Zone Storehouse, having been teleported there by Misery. The Doctor has Balrog force-feed her a red flower, in order to test its effects. King arrives and breaks Toroko free from Balrog's grasp, but is too late; the effects of consuming the red flower have already begun to take their toll on Toroko. King is incapacitated by the Doctor and the protagonist arrives immediately afterwards. The Doctor leaves as Toroko begins to transform and go berserk, and the protagonist is forced to kill her in defense.

edit AppearanceToroko wears a simple green cloak.

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Sand Zone From Cave Story WikiA zone full of sand. Curly happens to live here in a little room, taking care of The Kolons/Colons. Jenka's puppies were lost here and had to be found. Omega and Frenzied Toroko are the current bosses. Info on the bosses:


Pretty much a pain. If he stomps on you it can hurt. However, try blasting the sand blocks to get some exp/health. IF he is at half health, he WILL start jumping. Before that, he can keep his mouth open a bit longer than half health.


He shoots some sand balls out of his mouth when open. The ones with no red on them cant be destroyed, but the ones in red can. At half health, he will keep his mouth open less time, and will shoot sand balls in red more. He also jumps instead of going into the sand, which could hurt if he stomps on you.


Fireballs, like on the Balfrog fight, will work here. Missile Launcer (Level 3) could also work here, and does more damage. Just shoot him with all you got.

Frenzied Toroko:

Shes a pain! Ugh. She has only one attack, which she just throws a block at you and if it hits, 10 damage and it delevels your current weapon! The blocks turn into Flowercubs if they hit the wall/ground.


She throws blocks at you, doing 10 damage and deleveling your current weapon. The blocks turn into flowerclubs after hitting the ground or wall. They dont really do any attacks other than contact damage, so you can kill them freely to gain some health/exp.


My god. How hard is she??? Fireballs may work, but she will jump earlier if she gets hit by them. Missile Launchers also work. If you have the machine gun, you can just keep shooting her. She should go down in almost no time.


Curly Brace:

Remember the girl that you saw at the start of the sand zone? Well, now she is going to say you are going down, Shes quite a pain, and The colons can distract you.


She just walks around, but suddenly charges. This means she will release bullets out of her gun. You should jump when she shoots atleast ONE, so you dont get hit and have your weapon almost deleveled.

<The Colons Attacks>

Their only attack is on contact, but they tend to jump, so this can get difficult.


Shoot down the colons, and keep shooting Curly. DONT USE MISSILES! She has a shield that blocks them! Fireballs work aswell, as it can hit both The Colons and Curly. She should be done for soon.


After defeating Frenzied Toroko, when you leave the storehouse, you will be sent to the Labyrinth by Misery.


These are the items in Cave Story.

Curly's Underwear: Found in the room where you get the dog in Curly's room, there is a secret passage, use the map system to find a good way to it. If you dont have it, just guess what you can do. Shooting guns will work here, as you can see where you are going a bit better. The underwear is located at the end.

Weapon: Blade: After defeating Frenzied Toroko. Talk to King, he will suddenly dissappear and you will find a sword. Get it, and you have the Blade.

Puppies: Hajime, Mick, Shinobu, Kakeru and Nene: You have to find them all, they are in different places.

Locations: One found in the room with the Save point/Refill station. Have to talk to the Mimiga on the leftmost first!

One found in a treasure chest. You should see a paw-shaped block. Go through it, and you will find a treasure chest and Life Capsule.

Item: Life Capsule: Raises your health by a certain amount.

Peer into the treasure chest, you will notice its a dog.

Go to the end of the Sand zone, and go up until you see two paw shaped blocks. Go through them, and you will find a puppy. It runs into a dark house, though, so make sure you can get to his place without getting hit by a Sandcroc. There is also a save disk here, but no refill stations.

Go all the way until you reach something that wont stop shooting bones at you until you kill it. Just kill the Skeleton, and then you will see a dog. It runs around the ground, however, if you are standing in front of it. Catch it quickly, just before it runs away from you.

Go to the sand zone storehouse's entrance. Go on the two blocks and get the last dog. (If you have the machine gun at level 3, you dont have to use the blocks.) There is yet again another Save disk and Refill station, if you shoot those two star blocks. If you go back into Jenka's house with the last puppy, you will notice the rest is gone, and Balrog is here. He stole the Storehouse key, and will jump into the wall as usual. Talk to Jenka, and give her the puppy. She gives you a Life Pot after.

Other Items:

Life Pot: Jenka gives this to you when you give her the last puppy. If you used it up and used the teleporter to go back to the Sand Zone, go to her house again and she will give you another and will say she will give you another whenever you use yours up. Also, a dog in the plantation gives it to you, with a life capsule, if Momorin finished the rocket.

Ungettable items:

Save Disk: You can use this to save your game, where you will restart if you die or will start at here when you go back to the game.

Refill Station(also called "Server".): Refills your health, and is also mostly nearby Save Disk's. These are like the beds, except the Server also refills your missiles.

Bed: Same as Server, however doesnt refill missiles. These are often found in small rooms, such as Momorin's little room and the next door in Curly's little room.

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