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Eye mayonnaise this Paige four Mayan shelf. Hit his gooed. WaldoWithShades Wall Dough WaldoWithShades

<insert name here> is a sexy beast. Unless of course you're -0.62282337623511NAME}}... Then WOW. I'm sorry.

I am -not- a satirical UnGenius who reads satire while listening to satire. I bow down to my master and mentor John Oliver, with whom I have a tight link. He is very poor at ping pong.

My heroes are Superman, Jerry Springer, and female mailmen (I believe "femailmen" is the proper term). Spelling is my mistress, except for things about which I don't care. For example, mayonnaise, cartilage, foreign policy, love, social interaction, etcetera, etc.

The world is a sour place. I ate it once. I ate so much of it that my cheeks peeled completely off. And I couldn't eat Chipotle for a week. Of course, I've never had Chipotle multiple times in a week in the first place. So, in conclusion, the world doesn't matter.

One time I quoted Steven Wright. Turns out the zebra did it.

Technically, my use to non-use ratio of the horizontal line is 0 (x/infinity = 0, iff x=/ infinity). That's pretty sparingly.

Hawthorn Peebles shall be repeatedly fucked by Magcargo.

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