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“WHAT IS A BRONY????? A Faggot!!!!!”
~ 4Chan-fag on Bronies

Bronies not to be confused with "Cloppers", which are not bronies at all, but perverts, are usually dudes or women, known as "pegasisters", that love the TV show My Little Pony.

edit Origin

Around 2010, Lauren Faust, Craig McCracken's wife, made art of the G1 ponies. A few changes later MLP was born. (Craig McCracken made Bloo's Home, and The Powerpuff Girls, which may or may not contribute to the show quality)

edit Behaviour and habitat


bronies think this is manly.

Usually Bat Fuck Insane, the typical brony is a guy or boy from ages 1-101. They are calm and peaceful, with a good quality of life, better than most churchgoers. Despite popular belief, they are not mostly fat, lonely 40-year old men.

edit Glossary

  • Clop: Fapping to pony Rule 34, practiced by cloppers.
  • Pegasister:Female brony. Lauren Faust may or may not be one.
  • Parasprite:Any asshole that dares invade Brony territory. Usually these will turn into bronies after a week due to the show's surprising quality.
  • Brohoof:Brony version of "brofist".
  • Ponification:Rule 63 is to reverse gender as Ponification is to ponies.

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