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edit My Contributions

Alcoholic: The Untold Story = I wrote 80% of it since it was my idea to begin with, a few friends helped also.

Pasketmaul Series = I helped co-write some of these. I saved it from possible death and have since edited its pictures and so forth. I also wrote one whole section of it, Streetmaul.

The Triple K Incident = A friend wrote this mainly, I just fixed his mistakes.

Pole'd = I helped design the concept and the basis of this for it originated from one of my articles.

Ricers = I'm a car guy and I extremely hate them. This article will explain to you why. I added the pictures from the net and edited the one at the bottom.

Gangsterphrenia = They are spreading like the weeds on my neighbor's garden. So I decided to write about them.

This quote:

“I came, I saw, I couldn't be bothered”
~ Julius Ceasar on England

Das Boot stole it from me!!!! I made it up!

edit Awards

Pasketmaul's Yugumbigysenadori Stadium

I re-done the clouds, smoke and fires. Das Boot did the rest.

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