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Waaurufu has no idea how she got here. Maybe it was by some bad luck, or maybe the zombies chased her over, but since she's here, she might as well do... stuff.

Waaurufu is an artist, really. But she wound up here and is now forced into writing articles for Uncyclopedia. Those slavedrivers.

Waaurufu is interested in many different activities, though most of these said activities revolve around a computer or videogame console, and in turn aren't very active activities. Waaurufu is a RABID Sonic the Hedgehog fan, so don't be surprised to see Waaurufu lurking on a Sonic-related page.

And yes, Waaurufu speaks in third person. Waaurufu doesn't care if you think that's weird. Unless you're a zombie, then Waaurufu cares. Waaurufu will then proceed to run for her life, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind so as to not get lost. The last time she got lost, she got bit by a very big and most likely bad wolf, and since then, Waaurufu just hasn't been the same on full moons...

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