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“When I go about London I always take a copy of The Importance of Being Earnest, a bagel, and a Sodomizing Stick.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sodomizing Sticks

The Sodomizing Stick was invented by Steve Jobs as a method of creating a new type of Impressionist Painting. It was famously used and developed by Debussy and Wagner, so it's fitting the two major breeds of Sodomizing Sticks are named after them, i.e. Debussy's Sodomizing Stick and Wagner's Sodomizing Stick.

edit Debussy's Sodomizing Stick

Debussy's Sodomizing Stick was invented by Claude Debussy, famous French composer of weapons that don't exist, but should and very irritating music. Debussy was in a piano lesson with Puccini, when his blatent homo bi hetero autosexuality took hold of him and he ran from the room, stopping only to pick up the center stake of the nearest Croquet Pitch. With this stake, he went to his kitchen, and took out blackberries and something else from his fridge, to make a printing press.

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