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edit Description of Varun

Varun is a magical creature found off the coast of a distant island far far away. The scientific name of the animal Varun is Varuninicus pittsburghia. A varun can be a dangerous animal if it is approached too closely. It is a kind, loving animal until threatened by others. It has the magical ability to sprout wings and fly away once every full moon and to bend the space-time continuum.

edit Habitat

Varuns typically reside in the northeastern regions of the United States and in south Asia, especially China. Varuns used to reside in only India, but then George W. Bush was elected as President of the United States. And the varuns thought they could use their magical powers to prevent him from blowing up the earth or corrupting the minds of the world.

edit Behavior Patterns

At first glance, a varun would not be perceived as aggressive. Upon further scrutiny, they would be perceived as calm and reserved. They are actually quite active and are quite powerful creatures.

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