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I am 100% not a goth and always haven't been.

Sweet oblivion

However, strangely enough, I appear to know an unnerving amount about the occult; and Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative, The Cure and Fields of the Nephilim just so happen to be the names of some of my top rated artists. As a matter of fact, I cannot quit listening to what might be loosely considered as goth music. Likewise I cannot help wearing black and generally being in a permanently melancholic mood. I think something in my head might be borked...

Hmm. Actually it goes further than that. Scarily enough, I am a master of the ancient Japanese art of karaoke, and I have developed my naturally flat, dreary and talentless voice into actually sounding like Leonard Cohen; and even Andrew Eldritch of Sisters of Mercy (it took suprisingly little effort). Mumbling miserable music to hang yourself to is one of my natural talents actually; although it is debateable as to wether the word 'talent' is indeed applicable to my voice... My ambition is to get my embryonic (non)gothic rock band actually functional enough to play outside of garages... maybe

Oh yes, apart from singing dirges, I wrote a trilogy of around 250,000 words based in Medieval Europe. Waiting to get in the mood to do the final edit of it then will send it off to some publishing guys to see if anyone actually can be bothered to turn it into a book. Failing that, there is always the self publishing option...

edit Some uninteresting Facts about me

  • 1: Don't ask
  • 2: It's all your fault
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