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The Shite Girls were an English girl band formed in the year 1994. Not much information is left about them after they split in Hawaii in 1999, but many sources cite that many of the members left the country to become prostitutes for wealthy old men in Los Angeles.

edit The Members

The Shite Girls consisted of six members, each of a different personality to conform to many young girls who looked up to the members of the Shite Girls. Here is a list of the members in alphabetical order.

Arson Shite Arson Shite is the fiery member of the band, wearing red for many Live Concerts they sung at. Her name stems from the fact that she was in jail for five years for burning down her former school and killing 12 people.

Barbie Shite Barbie Shite is the youngest member of the band, her name was developed because she had plastic tits implanted a year before she joined the band. Her age in 1994 was 10, but because of years of drug abuse her looks resembled that of a 34 year old.

Giant Shite Named after her massive 400lb weight, she was the Shite member that helped most fat girls through school. Even after she posed nude for FHM Magazine, lots of girls wanted to be just like her, thus giving an explanation for the weight boom in America and England during 1995.

Penis Shite Penis Shite was the only man in the band, with a penis measuring at most 2 inches. The cause of his penis size was caused after injecting heroin directly into his urethra.

Questionable Shite Named after the fact that she was never seen in public, it was assumed she was horrificly ugly following a car crash to their first live gig.

Token Shite The only black person in the band, she was also the band's main leader who made all of the decisions.

edit Songs

The Shite Girls released many songs, including their most popular song: "I Want To Be A Hooker, Just Like Mum." Here is a complete list of there songs in order of release.

"Lick Me, Feel Me, Fuck Me." 1994

"I Wanted Love, I Just Got Him." 1994

"Fuck Me With A Dirty Syringe." or "Syringe Fun." 1994

"Syringe Love Lass." 1995

"Shit In My Mouth, Shit Out My Mouth." 1995

"You Only Cum Once." 1996

"The Shite Girls." 1996

"Ballad Of A Slut Girl." 1997

"4-Year Old Junky." 1999

edit Trivia

・ Although it is assumed they were all friends, this was simply not the case. Following Arson's pregnancy with Token's boyfriend, many rows apparantly occured between them.

・ The Shite Girls were featured in the game Syringe Fun and it's sequel Syringe Hilarity with their songs: "Syringe Fun." and "Syringe Love Lass."

・ There was an unreleased track named "Dead Baby Blues.", a sequal to their previous song "Let's Flush It!" The song was apparantly not released due to the track having too many swear words. The only remaining copy of the lyrics to this song are shown at The Louvre in Paris. Here is the chorus to the unreleased song, which was supposed to be sung solo by Questionable Shite:

I've just had a test, and the colour went blue.

Even though before the test I really just knew.

You stupid baby, inside me, I don't need you!

So I got something blunt,

Shoved it up my cunt,

And flushed it down the loo.

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